Midterm Rubric: Salem Witch Trials


1-Doesn’t meet expectations 2-Meets some expectations, decent 3-Meets most expectations, good 4-Meets all expectations
Content -No research question

-Info is severely lacking

-Shaky research question

-Info is somewhat there

-Good research question

-Info is apparent and makes sense

-Extremely clear research question

-Info is all relevant and directly relates to research question

Navigation/Organization -Not well organized

-Clunky and difficult navigation

-Decently organized

-Navigation is somewhat difficult but can figure out with time

-Good organization, makes sense

-Navigation is easy

-Great organization, everything where it should be

-Navigation is done without thinking, everything in it’s place

Interactability -Links to other pages/docs not working -Some links to other pages/docs work -Most links to other pages/docs work -All links to other pages/docs work
Credibility -Researchers not credible

-Not funded

-Researchers somewhat credible

-Funded a little

-Researchers educated and credible

-Funded well

-Researchers very well educated and credible

-Funded extremely well


Score: 13/16

Content: 4/4

The content of the project was interesting and followed the research question well. All of the information was relevant to the history of the Salem Witch Trials and directly dealt with each other.

Navigation/Organization: 2/4

The organization and navigation of this project could use some improvement. It takes a little time to figure out the organization although it is doable. The navigation is also a bit difficult and it is not clear where certain links will lead the user or where certain information is located.

Intractability: 3/4

The interactability of the site was good. The majority of links and documents worked well although a few did not load or did not have information in them.

Credibility: 4/4

The credibility of the project was excellent. It was clear that the researchers were well educated and all held degrees from top institutions. The project is well funded so the chances of extendability of the site are high.