Lab 3: Solo Response

The lab showed how GIS technology is used through a multitude of websites. Some websites were more clear than others while showcasing various types of information. The question of “What’s the point?” was very clear in the “Gemini over Baja California” and the “Battle of Chancellorsville.” The two are navigable websites that have specific spatial research arguments. The importance of location is clear; the Gemini project explores a zoomed in shot of the overall satellite view while the Battle project displays important locations of a specific armed conflict. Both maps are interactive and allow the user to access more information; the two give spatial perspective through an adjustable sidebar that allows zoom. However, a drawback is that they are both static images of events/places in the past. The satellite images are from 1965 and 66 while the map from the battle dates back to 1863. Overall, both projects offer strong spatial arguments and representations with clear and navigable maps.