Writing Assignment 2: Bath Scene Archive Review

The Anime Bath Scene Wiki[1] uses the standard wikia format to catalog every bath scene from anime, manga, films, and video games. Despite that somewhat comical premise, the website maintains a sense of credibility. The basic site does not allow images of nudity and explicitly states that on the homepage. However, they do offer a link to a version of the website that allows explicit material.

To add to this credibility, every bath scene page provides the episode or volume number associated with it to ensure that, given interest, anyone could check whether that work actually had a bath scene. As well as providing a wealth of bathing scenes in the archive, they provide explanations of the terminology on other pages of the wikia. To make this inclusion clear to new users, they display “Featured Content,” which provides an image, abbreviated description, and link to a random term, alongside “Featured Bather” and “Featured Bath Scene” on the front page. Those features make the site navigable for any new user.

While I have not read every page on the wikia yet, the writing on the pages I have sampled reinforces that clarity by being simple and direct. Any interested party could both find their favorite anime bath scene on the site through the search engine or categories on the drop-down lists on the top of the page and read the site’s description. They organized every bath scene by date of release with timelines provided and by media including anime, manga, and video games. A “Content” drop-down list also provides links to all of the terminology used on the wikia.

Because of the wikia design, the site feels modern even though it was created 8 years ago. Also, due to the nature of wikias, an anonymous online community runs the site. While this sacrifices credibility by not being a professional project, it allows manipulability on the part of the user. An interested user could easily join the community and help with updating the site as new bath scenes come out every year. For more direct interactivity, the site provides a discussion board in which you may discuss your favorite bath scenes.

Due to the anonymous community, the site definitely has some problems. Some pages I sampled were comically terse, while others included links without destinations on the site. However, for such an absurd project, the website has a professional quality as an unexpected digital humanities archive. It hits all major points for a digital humanities archive. Anyone within reason may easily read the content and navigate the site. The website looks and feels modern with a color scheme, blue and white, that supports its argument. They even have community interaction with forums. Overall, I give this project a 10/10 for content and an 8/10 for display.

[1] “Anime Bath Scene Wiki.” Anime Bath Scene Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia. Accessed February 14, 2017. http://animebaths.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page.