DH Project Analysis

Biblion Project Analysis

  1. What kinds of files, data, objects are being used in the project in question?
    1. Documents, images, films, audio, and texts
  2. What’s the project research question? Or, questions?
    1. What makes the 1939-1940 New York World’s Fair so notable?
    2. Why did the NYPL feel the need to create this app?
    3. Without this app, what would those who did not attend the fair be missing?
  3. What tools are being used? Created?
    1. People are coding and transferring tangible/ real-life data onto an app
    2. Organizing information, digitizing, research methods, compiling, transcription, archiving
  4. What methods are being undertaken?
    1. Compiling experiences and data from a fair almost 80 years ago
    2. Digitizing real life experiences
    3. Organizing information
    4. Digitally archiving
  • Matty Golding and Jean Beecher