DH Project Analysis

Project Researched: Salem Witch Trials Project

1. What kind of files, data, objects are being used in the project in question?
The Salem Witch Trial project used documents and transcriptions including court records, record books, personal letters, sermons and diaries. It also used historical maps, archival collections from public libraries and historical society, some contemporary books, and educational information.

2. What’s the project research question? Or, questions?
What are the main events of the witchcraft trials?
The goals of the project are the gain information about the trials and executions, as well as draw out a timeline map.

3. What tools are being used?  Created?
Arc GIS, a mapping program, was used in digitization of maps. Scanners were used to create electronic copies of documents and transcriptions. Online court records were also used as well as written texts such as books, letters, and diaries.

4. What methods are being undertaken?
Digitized the maps using timelines for visualization. Information inventory was taken and manuscripts were analyzed in order to piece together the timeline.

Chenchen Zhao and Ursula Castiblanco