The London Lives Project

The files being used in the London Lives Project include fully digitized manuscript and printed pages from eight London archives. The project research question: What happened in London from 1690 to 1800? The project is interested in creating a record of crime, poverty, and social policy in London during that period. Another purpose of the project is to link together records of individuals and groups of individuals who lived in London from 1690 to 1800.

The tools being used by the project managers include scanners to place the documents in a digital medium. The internet is also used to display the information obtained by the project. Also, fans of the London Lives project can use the internet to contribute to biographies, keep track of activity, and view corrections on pages to which they have contributed. The methods being used in this project include key-word searching for certain events and policies in old London as well as further filtering through specific years. The database also allows users to search by document type.

By Ian Nish and Jacob Circelli

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